Sunday, August 30, 2009

And I'm Back

So it has been a very very long time since my last post. Mainly due to the lack of internet connection because a bill wasn't paid. I'm back though and am going to start posting again. I'm busy, busy and gone for the next week, but after that... I have been on an emotional roll-a-coaster for the past month and half and it doesn't see to be stopping. I just don't know what to do to stop from just accepting this big empty feeling inside. Oh well I'm pushing on and pursuing some things, but something has got to give.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Running Shirt

I am currently trying to create a running shirt with a slogan on it. I have a few ideas in my head. I want to wear them on my long runs. I'm thinking of wearing one for my marathon but I'm pretty sure I have to wear my TNT shirt that day. Here they are and I would love some suggestions. I'm also thinking of getting a shirt that says running is my boyfriend

I Run Because I'm Single
My Baby Sister Got Married So I'm Running A Marathon....
Running Is My Sanity
Go Long or Go Home

Its Been A While

I have stated this numerous times. I am an awful, horrible, blogger. I have short stints where I want to write about everything and then I just stop. I find this with pretty much any form of written communication. I have never really been a good journaler and what is a blog if not an online journal. That being said I hope those of you who have occasion to stumble upon this still come and read it.

I currently feel like I don't have much going on, but that is very much not true. Somehow I am writing a pilot program, working on a documentary, and writing grant proposals for this organization I thought I would be volunteering with just a couple times a week. I kind of love it and am totally hopefully that this will get me a job and into grad school in the spring. The organization is working with homeless teen mothers. Eventually it will be a private shelter for 5 women and their children who are not in the foster care system. It is something that I am so passionate about and I'm so grateful I stumbled upon them when I was looking to volunteer. I'm kind of hoping that I get a great grant for the pilot program and get a job out of this.

Additionally I am looking for a new gig. I am sticking with the nannying thing for probably another year but I want to pay for grad school without taking loans this time around so I need to be making at least $300 more a week. Also have a little more flexibility with my hours. I think that my old family is going to ask me back for part time and with that and maybe one other gig I should be able to bring in about $900-1000 a week. Cross your fingers for me.

The other thing that I continue to do is train for my marathon. I am doing great. This week has been fairly awful in terms of working out. I've missed two work outs because I choose to work instead. I am so glad that I have signed up for this. I have missed two work outs this week, but if I hadn't signed up for this I think I would have jumped off the deep end about a month ago. I have really found that running creates a balance in my life that I have desperately been trying to find and when I don't run I tend to get all depressed and think about things I shouldn't.

Anyways it's been a while and I will try my best to not wait so long till my next post. I hope you all have been well out in blog world.