Monday, May 31, 2010

Seriously People!

A car alarm has been going off since 5:30 am outside my apartment. It is a holiday weekend. I have slept maybe a total of 12 hours in 3 days. I am going to kill someone. This is how people snap seriously,people, seriously. I'm moving to the woods in the middle of nowhere.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Is What I'm Bad At

I meet a pretty great guy last night. I said I was going to open myself up to the possiblity this weekend and wouldn't you know the universe supplied the goods. He shares the same name of He Who Shall Not Be Named and Austrian Guy a friend and I had made a pact we would no longer date people with this name. I guess there is always an exception to the rule and his real name isn't that name. It's confusing and I like him.

Yesterday was girls night for the first part of the night. My girlfriends and I went to see Prince of Persia (amazing) and then met up with her guy friend and his friends who had a poker night. I ended up in a corner by myself when the guy I had eyed when I first walked in and saw the group came up to me. We talked for well the next 4-5 hours I guess. I had no clue if he like me (we all know I'm awful at that part). My friends kept telling me to seal the deal also not so good at that and neither was he. I think together we may have had the game of a second grader. I ended up at his place under what I thought was just a line that we would go see a movie today before he went away for the weekend. Well when we arrived at his house we actually did look up movie times and I showed him "Laser Cats" and "MacGruber". I feel these are things that any 20 something really should know about. I was a little surprised at this because really who gets a girl home and then doesn't put on the moves?

This morning after my fitful sleep we did go see "Shrek". Then he packed and went off to DC for the rest of the long weekend. I now get to do the part I suck at and wait for that phone to ring. I am not going to call/text or anything. He said he was going to and he had fun and I need to trust him. He is not all the other guys I have dated he is a new person. I need to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I just don't know. It seems a little to good to be true. I have to keep telling myself I deserve to date a nice guy and he is a nice guy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We All Know I Love Them

So there is a chance that I could win tickets to a wonderful concert weekend to see one of my favorite bands She & Him in one of my favorite states Maine. I'll already be there for my vacation visiting family and what not. Here is the link cross you fingers. It's out there. Crossing my fingers this would be awesome.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm tired

Ok it is almost 2am and I should be sleeping, but there is something I need to write about. I have been trying to think about how to write it for the past few days and will probably write more on this subject, but as of late all the blogs I read about dating have been kind of sad. Everyone seems to be getting dumped by their potential mates and getting into funks. I have been there. I think I am actually in a constant state of being there. However, as of late I have really started thinking is it worth it. Is all this effort to meet someone really worth it?

I think the conclusion I have come up with is no. Dating is not worth it. It is not even remotely fun and it is hard work. There is so much more we can be doing with our time and yet we spend it trying to figure out who to date and where and what it all means. I'm sorry but after a month of trying unsuccessfully to get back out there. I don't really care anymore. I have said this a number of times before, but have never really meant it. All this searching takes away time from things I actually want to be doing. All these dates that lead to nowhere just take up time. I don't want dating to feel like looking for a job.

Therefore I think the best thing for me to do is just stop. I'm not saying I'm going to stop dating. If I meet a nice guy and he shows interest I'll go on a date, but until these nice guys start showing interest I'm just going to start doing things I like to do with no hidden agenda. I want to join a running club because I would like people to run with. I think I might sign up for an art class because I want to start painting again. I'll meet interesting people and that is all I really want is to have interesting people in my life. This will lead to me becoming a more complete person and when the right person steps into the picture I wont be so focused on the relationship, but instead focused on what makes me happy and maybe just maybe then I will allow myself to be happy with someone else.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beef Jerky and Bars

Well my dear readers I actually had a weekend last last weekend and by having a weekend I mean I worked till 11:45pm and meet up with friends at 12:00. The parent's I work for told me I had to go out when they got home because I looked amazing and had no one to worry about in the morning. So, there I was off to go out at 12am on as Saturday.

I honestly didn't think anything was going to happen and in all honesty nothing much did. I am in kind of a crazy place in life right now and even the thought of flirting with a guy is kind of tiring. The wonderful thing about this is that you totally let your guard down. I know the whole when you aren't looking adage. It isn't even that. I just don't even care. What I would love is to be in a relationship, but I have no energy to even think about getting into one. I'm a conundrum. I don't care about seeking guys out but I would love to be in a relationship... That makes no sense. Welcome to my world.

Anyways, back to the non story story I am telling. My friends and I ended up going to a wonderful bar on the Upper East Side. It is super low key and like only 10 people were there. Perfect for a tired nanny who had no desire to go out. We were there drinking and chatting and noticed a cute guy. The only cute guy in this bar besides cute Irish bartender came up to my friend and goes, "I know you. We meet a few years ago, but I had a beard then." My other friend and I are laughing hysterically. You see this girl knows I think pretty much all of Manhattan. Every time we go everywhere she meets someone. It's just amusing. I digress though because this story really has nothing to do with Beef Jerky boy.

So, we ended up leaving this bar to walk my other friend home and as we were walking I noticed this extremely tall guy. Readers, I am not short and love love love it when I get to feel small next to a guy. This guy was tall and cute in a very dorky way. If you have ever watched How I Meet Your Mother he was Marshall. Seriously this guy was Jason Segel's doppelganger. He pointed it out by saying, "Please don't say I look like that guy from I Love You Man." Well I'm laughing hysterically at pretty much everything at this point. Life is so random. He goes "I want to dance with you." I smiled and said, "Well Ok." So he starts spinning me in circles in the middle of 2nd ave. I was smitten, but also thought there is no way he is into me. He kept trying to get us to come with him, but my friends weren't having it. He said to me "I'll walk with you for a bit anyways." Then we had to part and with this sad puppy dog face he says "You really aren't coming with me." I looked at my friends and they just shook their heads. I was like I guess not. He then informed me that he works at Tin Lizzie on the weekends and in the summer when he is not a high school math teacher. I melted a little more and then he asked if he could at least get a kiss on the check. Yes, just on the check. I'm smitten do you get that. He is like the perfect guy for me. A 28 year old high school math teacher. I would love to say that I gave him my number and he gave me his and we have called and gone on dates since last Saturday, but alas I was clueless and he didn't ask. So for now I have been making short appearances at Tin Lizzie in hope that Beef Jerky Boy is there and he remembers me and that he is really and truly single and looking and not just looking for a hook up for the night.

The name Beef Jerky Boy comes from my friends who noticed that's what he was eating as we walked by him. In my state of thinking man he is tall I didn't realize he was eating anything.

And here is a pic of his doppelganger since I don't have a picture of him.